Tuesday, August 16, 2011

QR Codes (or, what is that funny little box?)

I put this on my syllabus for AP Art History. If you scan it with a barcode scanning app on your cell phone, it gives you a link to my webpage (not this blog, but my art webpage, The Bachuss Art Room Blog). I have a small class, and some of the students knew what it was, but my most outspoken student was quick to say, "what is that? I see those everywhere and don't know what they're for!" I pulled out my cell phone to demonstrate, and they thought it was very cool.

Currently, students are not allowed to have cell phones during class at my school. Luckily, this AP class will require study sessions and other things outside of class. I plan on adding QR codes to art posters, handouts, and art games and flashcards. They will be able to use them during study sessions, art movie nights in my classroom, and while doing homework. In a way, it's like a gimmick, but if it gets them to visit the website and read about the artwork, I'm all for it!

One of the middle schools in our district is testing a program where kids are allowed to have cell phones during class. I think it will probably come down to the attitude of the teacher. If the teachers make no effort to use them as educational tools, they may only be distractions. I have high hopes for this pilot program - I am very curious to see how it works out.

Check out this link for more on QR codes: "The best reources of using QRcode in the classroom"

A couple of us are planning to invade the chat room over at edupln.ning.com this Thursday, 8/18/11, at 6 pm EST / 5 pm CST to talk about using QR codes and other ways to use technology in the classroom. If you are reading this you are welcome to join us - the more people, the more ideas to share!

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