Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Plurk has motivated me to update my blog. I have finished another room, the second-worst in the house. I present to you the sewing room:

It's not really a room, but a section of the downstairs that is blocked off by my storage shelves and cubbies:

On the other side of the blue shelf and white cubbies (my cheap acrylic storage, decent yarn is on the other side and really good yarn is upstairs) is the TV area. Working around the room, you can see the rest of the shelving on that side (and the 'door') and my fabric storage (unspun fiber is on the other side).

I am very happy with how it has turned out. I still have to organize my fabric and yarn, but it will do for now - the goal is for me not to be ashamed for someone else to see it, and here it is on my blog, so I need to work on other areas of the house next. 

My sunroom is next. It is where I do my painting, jewelry making, and all other artwork except for knitting and ceramics. I will have to move some things around in the closets in my sewing room (if I haven't used what's in them in the past year, I probably can get rid of it) so I can move some things I don't use so much down from upstairs. Then I will have space to get things done. Right now I don't have space to move up there!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Swing of Things

Well, school is finally over for the summer and I have a week before I start teaching again (as long as everything goes as expected).  I have spent all of my free time organizing, trying to make my house something that I'm not ashamed for other people to see.  I started with the laundry room, which is also my closet.  One of the perks of living in a 100+ year old house is very little closet space.  Instead of ankle-deep in laundry (or deeper), like it used to be, it now looks like this:

That is all of my dresses, suits, skirts, pants, and SCA clothes.  No more dirty clothes on the floor!  The washer and dryer are here:

That is 'line dry' stuff on the small wheeled rack (I love it!), and everything else - tops, coats, sweaters, purses, shawls - is in the two closets and the small drawers below them.

Spare linens are in the top cubbies.

I have been able to keep the laundry room like this for about a month, so I hope it is permanent.  What I am really excited about is this:

It used to be the computer room (but now we use laptops and don't need the big desk, CD's, etc.  I have been calling it the weaving room or weaving studio.  Joe calls it (insert drumroll and in a deep voice, announce) "The Loom Room of Doom" - dum dum duuuuum.  

He built the shelves for me:

 and I have spent three days working on it and my sewing room (hopefully pics to come on that soon).  I hope to post more later!