Sunday, August 14, 2011

Linoit - Online Stickies for Teachers

Actually, Linoit is online stickies for anyone.  But they are particularly useful for me, as a teacher.  I have a hard time keeping up with things I need to do.  I used to have to-do lists everywhere.  One at school - heaven forbid if I took work home and forgot the to-do list - and one at home.  The at home one was usually divided up between things I wanted or needed to do in my artwork, and mundane stuff like paying bills or making a dentist appointment.  I find these old to-do lists everywhere.  I used to lose them all the time.  But no more.
Above you see my Linoit desktop for my school stuff.  I also have one for 'home' and 'art.'  I color code my school stuff by subject.  Things I need to do for Art Appreciation II are yellow, Art II is green, Ceramics and Crafts is blue, AP Art History is pink, and other is white or purple, depending on the type of item.

When I find out there is something I need to do, or if I have an idea I would like to try or research, I just stick it on a sticky note on my desktop.  When I get an email requesting something, I cut the relevant stuff and put it on a sticky until I have a chance to do it.  Nothing gets lost, and it's stored on the internet, so I can get to it from home, work, or my cell phone.

This has helped me become more organized and helped me to save the time I would otherwise be using hunting for my list!  I hope it helps you as well.

Best of all, Linoit is FREE!  Get your account at

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