Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I missed blogging last week. I am trying to do once a week. The only reason I am able to post now is because I have a study hall. Between getting fundraisers ready to raise money for a trip to New York and National Art Honor Society invitation letters needing to go out, I am behind.

In art news, my Ceramics II students are hard at work on their NCECA projects. My Ceramics I students are almost done with their bookbinding project - they make their own sketchbooks each year.

The cover is being prepared for this sketchbook.

My Art II students are in the middle of their value scale projects. I keep remembering to take pictures on B day, so none of my A day students are on here or on Facebook. I must do better.

Edgar Allen Poe in progress, upside-down.

These look better in real life than they do in photos.

It is so quiet when they are working. Some are listening to music.

It's hard to take a photo from this end of the room.

Animation & Video Game Design I students have learned about the history of animation and made thaumatropes. They were thrilled when they were successful. Animation & Video Game Design II are working on storyboards for an animation to illustrate a concept taught in one of their core subjects.

Some of the Animation I students with their thaumatropes, and one Animation II student with his storyboards.

We are all about New York here in the art department. We are planning a five day trip through EF. Our meeting is in a week, so we will find out then if we have enough interest to pull it off!

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