Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All My Peeps

Every year, just before Easter, our local candy store has a contest.  Morgan Price Candy Company hosts their annual Peeps contest.  My Art II students always enter.  This is our third or fourth year to do it.

The students love it because they get to choose the topic, and they always have a favorite TV show or movie that they want to do.  The main requirement is that all of the characters must be made from the marshmallow Peeps that are prevalent this time of year.  I also require my students to use 'Peep' in the title, as in 'How I Met Your Peep,' above.

Finding Peepo

Last year, they had a winner overall, and a winner based on the theme 'Movies.'  The contest is open to the whole community, and they bring in independent judges.  Last year's overall winner used all purchased items and stickers.  I think the ladies in charge knew how hard my students worked to make their projects, so they started a 'People's Choice Award' (or PEEP-les Choice Award!).  Last year, my students won in both the Movie category and the People's Choice category.

Peeps & Tiaras

This year, the theme is 'Best Family Activity.'  I have two students who are entering in that category.  One is basing hers on the local Memorial Day Festival that features hot air balloons.

Some students chose to do things besides TV and movies.  For example, one student did a convention, complete with comic-book and movie characters:

One student did Alice in Wonderland:

And another did the Apollo program.  I really love the painted cotton balls for flames and the way he spray painted the planets:

Some students chose music videos or concerts as their inspiration:

And others chose video games:

Super Peep Bros.

Almost all of my kids worked really hard and I am very happy with the results.  Some are obviously still learning how to deal with using three-dimensional space, but they are definitely improving!

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