Monday, January 11, 2010

Whole Brain Teaching, Day 2

After being off for basically four days (snow, in Alabama!) the kids were very slow with the Class!/Yes! - but they jumped on board after I gave myself a point on the scoreboard. I still need to do better with the Mighty Oh Yeah! / Mighty Groan! bit.

I can see I will need to separate the independents sometime soon. Many were reluctant to participate - I had a few in my 4th period that would not play along at all. My fifth period started out worse, but by the end of class most were at least half-heartedly teaching their neighbor.

Today's lesson was on reasons artists create (personal, social, spiritual, physical, and educational). The students learned signs for each. Tomorrow is 'where do artists get ideas?' There will be seven elements to remember instead of just five, plus some extra definitions. I am not sure how to handle that. Probably just do signs for the seven items and let them write the definitions for the terms (landscape, portrait, etc.).

I am still trying to decide how to pair the students in a seating chart. Once I rank them by GPA, should I pair the lowest to the highest and meet in the middle? So A's sit with F's, and so forth? Or should I divide them into the 'high' and 'low' groups and pair the top from the first group to the top of the second group? So A's sit with high C's, B's with D's, and low C's with F's? I am waiting on some info on accommodations for some students, so I probably have a few days before I am ready to implement a seating plan.

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